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Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin stopped

Posted By: ASSYRI8AN NEWS FROM EUROPE (cache-ntc-ad05.proxy.aol.com)
Date: Friday, 1 June 2007, at 2:24 p.m.

Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin stopped 01.Jun.2007

A historical decision has been taken by the leaders of the Syriac Orthodox Church.Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin of Germany has been stopped by the Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox church and is therefore prevented from practicing his official position as an Archbishop.

Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin says that the decision is a part of a conspiracy against him. It is a conspiracy performed by Syria-friendly bishops that do not accept that others but Syrian citizens are ordained bishops.

One of the reasons that the Patriarch has stopped Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin is something so awkward as the fact that Mor Julius Hanna Aydin advocated unity and tried to bring peace between people with different opinions in a church in Germany.

Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin was one of the founders of the Aramaic movement and its premier spokesman in Germany. He was a known anti-Assyrian. Today he regrets his contribution to the shattering among our people and wants to build bridges between the different groups.

"Assyrians, Arameans and Chaldeans, no matter what we call ourselves we are one people and must be united. Everyone should feel welcomed by me." he points out over and over again.

Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin also says that the decision to remove him from his office can not only be the Patriarch's own but also other bishops’. There are bishops that are close to the Patriarch and that have power enough to affect the Patriarch.

Many who the news agency ESNA has spoken to are convinced that it is the bishops that are bonded with or cooperate with the Syrian secret service (Mukhabarat) who have staged this conspiracy. These want to divide Germany into three different Episcopal sees so that the Syrian government can easier control the Assyrians. ESNA has tried to get in touch with bishop Bahe and bishop Mata in Damascus for a comment, but with no results.

That a spokesman for the Aramaic (Syriac) movement does a total turnaround and states that we are all the same people and that the shattering is something naive that we have to overcome is historical.

Many people that ESNA have spoken to in Germany say that especially unity, that the people have to cooperate and forget old grudge, can be a contributing reason that some people from the Aramaic movement felt uncomfortable with the new bishop’s actions. These is unconfirmed information though.

According to spokesmen for the Syriac Orthodox Churches in Germany, they agree that Syria does not want our people to unite. Archbishop Mor Julius Hanna Aydin constituted no threat to the Syrian government and its representatives within the Syriac Orthodox Church in Germany when he was an anti-Assyrian. It was when he advocated unity, when he started building bridges between different groups that he was stopped.

The editorial staff of Qolo has interviewed bishop Julios Hanna Aydin and the chairman of the Church board Aslan Karatas. Click here to listen to Julios Hanna Aydin, and here to listen to Aslan Karatas, click here to listen to today's transmitting of Qolo

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